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Automate to Scale

Automations are Awesome. 

You can't scale if you are drowning in 'busy-work' data entry.

Look at your processes and find what you can automate to free up time for more important things.

Work-Life Balance is Crucial.

I've worked all the hours to make it to the top of my career and half way there I realised I had no balance and I was unhappy.

I changed my career and ensure I had a great work-life balance and brought joy back into both my working day and my personal life.

If you Want to Learn - You Will!

No matter what age your are, if you want to learn you will.

Including all those budding Entrepreneurs getting online who did not grow up with tech (like me).



Most would describe me as a mother, extrovert and tech translator. 

I've been a lover of tech since my 1st Palm Pilot (too many years ago I'm comfortable to count).

Combined with my writing passion and a desire to help others navigate the often confusing world of software and digital processes, this site was born.




I'm also a retired accountant and financial software implementation consultant. Which basically means I helped configure software to suit a wide variety of businesses in many different industries.

Understanding the customer and translating their requirements into various forms of training materials has provided me with a greater understanding of how people learn best. Everyone is different and many do not like change.

This is why all the online training and coaching on this site and my other site - Tech Savvy Creatives, is provided in multiple styles:

  • Online Video's (with captions translated to all video's)
  • downloadable checklists and worksheets
  • podcasts
  • downloadable transcripts

Solo Mum, Writer, Ideal Life

I love working from home full time now that we've all proven we can do it. It suits me after many years travelling to and from customers around the country and having worked in various countries as well. I enjoy dropping my son to school and not having to panic about who will look after him if he's sick.

My life is so much more in balance than it ever was.

Without the travel for hours each week day I know have time for my other passion - writing. I'm in the process of writing a Paranormal Romance series and working on some fiction too.